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Diane SђadowⒸlαש @ Zack's Roadhouse - 11/09/2021

It seems that on the 9/11 memorial holiday all the stars aligned, tech difficulties were resolved, and I happened to make it just in time to hear Diane SђadowⒸlαש (dianestwin Resident) belt out a fine rendition of "Me And Bobby McGee", Janis Joplin Style. This woman can sing and has great power and pitch with a good range. On a different day not that long ago I had made a note that she had done "Piece Of My Heart", another Joplin classic, sounding a LOT like Janis... so much so I had to do a double take... and enough to earn a "pretty damn amazing!" in my note!

After "McGee", she slipped effortlessly into a version of "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, that made me look again, it was so perfect. When she moved on into "Blue on Black" I was just mesmerized as she made that one her own.

Diane continued to amaze with an incredible "Stairway To Heaven" and rock 'n rolled us just fine with "Knock On Wood" She kept our feet moving with "Mercy" as done by Duffy and then slowed us down a bit and gave us a little cuddle time with CCR's "Long As I Can See The Light".

Bonnie Raitt's "Something To Talk About" kept us close but upped the tempo a bit so that "Run Through The Jungle" by CCR was a good follow-up.

When she finished up with P!NK's "Perfect", it really was a perfect ending for this great mix of tunes at a fun venue that is worth a visit all by itself.

Diane is confident in her delivery and sings from her heart. She is well worth an hour of your time and Zack's is a great place to see her do her thang! So get out there and let's see YOU at her next show!!



for giving us a wonderful place to hear it!


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