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Hogan Baily @ Swamp Water Blues 23/07/2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It was one of those days when every time you turn around the time has flown and the pressure to get things done just seems to start becoming overwhelming. As a result, Roxie and I had ended up going dancing, just dancing: no blogging, taking a break, hangin' loose, listening and having some fun. And then the notice came through: Hogan Baily was going to be playing at SwampWater Blues followed by Virgil Flowers.

Now Swamp Water has got to be one of my very favorite venues for anything music related in SL, and it just so happened that both of these wonderful Blues (and more) Artists had gone onto my prospects list at different times in the last week or two. Here was the perfect opportunity to catch them both! I couldn't miss the chance, and even though RL tried to rear its ugly head and make us late, we arrived at Swamp Water only one tune late for Hogan Baily's set.

I had only limited experience in listening to a set or two by Hogan in my days at DTS, but there has always been a buzz about him and over the time I have been blogging and catching a song here and there, today I found out that the buzz about Hogan has been justified. He and his "Hi-Steppers" are OUTSTANDING and the one act in SL that you really should not miss!

As I said, we missed the first tune, but it was obviously the perfect warm-up for "Bad To The Bone" as done by George Thorogood as he pounded thsat one out like he wrote it! By the time Hogan finished that one and started into "Who Do You Love" I was smiling at his presentation, his high energy, and his banter to the audience. This guy can deliver the goods!

As a bonus, the Hi-Steppers are great dancers that keep your attention on the stage and are a great part of the festivities.

Hogan constantly engages the audience with hellos to all and also additional comments to those he knows (which seems like almost everyone!). He slowed things down a little with Jeff Healy's "Angel Eyes" which had me pulling Roxie close and singing softly in her ear, while I smiled, but it was back to higher energy when Hogan tore into Healy's version of "Tore Down" which had the house rockin' from the first note.

Taking a moment to encourage support of the venue, but wasting no time, he plowed into some ZZ Top, with "Thank You" and "Jesus Just Left For Chicago", the latter, one of my all time faves. He continued with the best blues can get with Gary Moore's "Cold Day In Hell" and "Still Got The Blues", and did a thing I have not heard in SL before as he whistled along with the mid-song guitar solo, with great effect that made me smile and look up from my notes. A man full of surprises!

There is always a LOT of energy coming off the stage when Hogan performs and the Hi-Steppers do their thang. This guy can really sing too! He just yanks it out from his gut with great range and power and his pitch is always right on, regardless of key.

Next up was a song by a band that we rarely hear in SL, whether from a live act or a DJ, and the Grateful Dead's "Sugaree" was a welcome addition to Hogan's set and a very pleasant surprise.

Hogan closed out his set with legendary Pat Travers' offerings including a crowd pleasing "Boom Boom! Out Go The Lights"!

I have no idea why I waited so long to do a blog on Hogan Baily, because I had a great time and heard a set from a top notch, A-1 Artiste that will keep your feet moving and have you singing along throughout the set. He should not be missed... He certainly got rid of MY Blues for the day and had me grinning and thinking it turned into a pretty darn good day after all!



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