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Inkaku Capalini @ Scarlet's Ranch 08/07/2021

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Back around the beginning of April, my associate at DTS had blogged a lady named Inkaku Capalini. His blog had stuck with me, hidden in that rat's nest of a brain of mine. It was and still is, one of the most viewed blogs I have been exposed to since I started. Harlow and I always called it a "legendary accomplishment". So I was interested in hearing her for myself. The other day I saw her name pop up on Facebook at one point as I was setting up for my blog website and its delivery system. So I contacted Inkaku and asked if I could come and do a blog on her.

She impressed me with a sunny disposition and a very friendly demeanor... She is just a very nice person and we had a great chat about performances, blogs and all sorts of things besides. Today I had the opportunity to go over to Scarlet's Ranch venue and catch Inkaku's set, and I loved every minute of it.

I have only been to Scarlet's venues once or twice before as a member of the DTS team, and it has been awhile, so I looked at this lovely venue with fresh eyes.

Scarlet's Ranch is part of a multiple venue presence in SL located on Scarlet's Hideaway. They currently have three LIVE MUSIC Venues at Scarlet's, among other things, providing live entertainment 6 days a week.

The full sim allows exploration, has a small shopping mall, a beach and even some surfing. There is a lot to see here and its worth a visit even if you aren't in the mood for some of the best live entertainment on the grid.

Inkaku was in the house as I arrived and she showed a real no-nonsense style as she set up, but with her gentle and friendly attitude, I could see that she is also very popular with everyone at The Ranch.

I had a great spot to observe and she started right on time with a rockin' little country tune by Mary Chapin Carpenter, "I Feel Lucky." She has a great range and uses her lower range to emphasize lyrics and can hit those highs with a power that made me stop scribbling and pay close attention to her presentation. O.O

Inkaku slipped easily and without missing a beat into another fast paced two stepper, "Be My Baby Tonight" as done by John Michael Montgomery, and then took just a short moment to catch her breath and I heard the very familiar chords played by "someone" Skynyrd that told me that "Gimme Three Steps" was up next.

Inka is a great singer, never misses a beat and pounds along at breakneck speed, keeping her audience entertained and shuffling and tapping their feet. I will admit right here that I am not a rabid country music fan, BUT I also have to say that I will definitely listen to Inka anytime anywhere, and I don't care what she is singing. She is a great entertainer and singer and I had an absolutely fantastic time at her show. And she has turned me on to a whole new branch on that Blues tree.... Thank You Inkaku!

She let us catch our breath with a small reduction in speed for Little Big Town's "Pontoon". I just loved this rolling, head noddin' cadence, and found myself smiling at the "motorboatin'."

Inka worked through a great rendition of "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", making it her own in the process and introduced me to another tune I really liked; "Knockin' Boots" by Luke Bryan and into "My Give A Damn Is Busted" by Jo Dee Messina. Next up was another Messina along with Loggins and the classic "Your Momma Don't Dance..." which really got me movin' and head boppin' as I took my notes.

When Inkaku launched into "American Girl" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, I was definitely in my element and was singing along, grinning like a loon. And when she brought out her guitar player, Baller Paine, to start the Eagles' classic, "Hotel California" I was one happy little Blogger. Baller is an excellent player and he played flawlessly through "Old Time Rock n' Roll" (Pete Seeger), and "Down at the Twist and Shout" by Mary Chapin Carpenter.

Unfortunately every good thing has to come to an end and this set was no different, but we did get to hear a few more: "Watermelon Crawl", "Broken Halos" and then Inkaku's finale, Darius Rucker's "Comeback Song". This was one of the fullest sets I've experienced. She packs it in and we certainly had a lot of entertainment in the hour she was up.


This was such a great set, at a marvelous venue, the time just flew by. I was so impressed by the delivery, skill and talent of Inkaku Capalini. Her ability to open my eyes to a genre I have not paid much attention to, but sure will in the future, is commendable on its own and is the least of her talents. (puttin' on my best country accent):


And a great big THANK YOU to Scarlet's Hideaway for providing these great venues for ARTISTS like Inkaku to ply their trade. They are needed and appreciated and I urge you ALL to remember that "It's Hip To Tip", both artists and VENUES!

Let's all keep LIVE MUSIC in SL viable and enjoyable. It's just wouldn't be the same without it!

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