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JimmyT49 Dukes @ Crabby's - 23/09/2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I was planning an evening of bopping from venue to venue to take in some good guitar blues to perk up my mood a bit when I got a notice about JimmyT49 Dukes getting ready to play over at Crabby's on the Beach. I thought to myself, "Self!" I said, "Git your skinny butt over there because you have: #1. never been there and #2. Jimmy is about the BEST there is!..." and then the second IM came in from Jade saying this would be Jimmy's last show for "awhile"................

I took the proffered TP immediately and landed next to Jade, Jimmy's manager, on the dance area at Crabby's. She explained that due to RL, Jimmy would be away for at least a couple of weeks and this would be his final show till his return. I was Shocked! I was Appalled! I was Disappointed! I was Concerned! I was Curious! I was Supportive! I was wondering what I would do for my Jimmy-Fix! RL had reared its ugly head, and we all know the RL comes first. Its one thing that all of us have had to deal with in SL.... Sometimes one just has to be responsible.... but MAN!....UGH! I am pretty sure that Jimmy is as upset about it as anyone else and will do his very best to keep this hiatus as short as possible.

As I regained my composure, I began to look around and saw that Crabby's on the Beach is a pretty cool venue, with a large, sandy, dance area and a great stage with plenty of room for an artist to set up all their "kit" and then some.


Crabby's is co-owned by Rocker (Rocker335 Resident) and his partner, Drems (Dremmy Resident). They are real friendly and accommodating hosts, and Rocker is a great performer in his own right, and is now on my "Blog Prospects" list!

I have become quite familiar with Jimmy's set lists since that first time I blogged him for Droppin The Stream, back on May 7th, 2021, one of his first gigs on his return to SL. (You can read that re-posted blog here, close to this one.)

Jimmy began the evening with his cover of "Gravity", staying true to the original and yet making it his own with his signature vocal style and his incredible competence on the guitar. I have been impressed by both since the first notes I heard from him and he has become my favorite performer that SL has to offer to date. There is just something about his vocals, his solos, his "PACKAGE" that fully immerses me in the song and I get totally taken away... until it ends and the next one begins... in this case, "Blue on Black" with what I think of as THE "definitive rendition" here in SL.

From "Midnight Blues" and into "Bad Company", Jimmy just rocked my socks off with some of the best playing and singing yet. I know there are a lot of very good players and singers in SL but for what I like, Jimmy is just beyond compare (IMHO).

The next number was "Crossfire" and I will tell you that White Strat spat the notes like a machine gun nestled above a battlefield, and Jimmy was taking no prisoners as he just flowed right into Pride & Joy, every bit as good as the original, along with his unique twist of the guitar chops, tonal excellence, & smokey whiskey vocals that ooze the bluz....

One of my all time Favs from Jimmy, "Tin Pan Alley", was just sooooo good I cannot say anymore without cheapening the experience!

"I Can't Make You Love Me" is another favorite that brings tears to my eyes and a newer offering, "Hard Time" just couldn't get any harder or heavier and is just some of that smack-ya-upside-the-head-stuff that grabbed me the first time I saw him and the first time I heard Jimmy's rendition of his ender tonight, "Sound of Silence" I was in awe when I heard his tortured vocal that sounded like it was being ripped from his guts with increasing intensity until you are wound up as tight as a spring on a rat trap!

I understand, and wish you well, and two weeks is not that long... but dang it JIMMY!


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