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JimmyT49 Dukes @ Temptation Falls 15/11/2022

It's a fall day at Temptation Falls and the sim looks wonderful with all the colours of the leaves and the last blast of flowers for the season. It's gorgeous here and worth taking a look, not to mention catch a show by some of the best musicians on the grid!

Ms browneyes Magic informed me that Gib will be get the Christmas decorations going up this week (Nov 17, 2022) and that's always a great time to hang out at at Temptation Falls. There's always lots to see and you might even catch sight of an elf or two... or sumpin' sumpin' :)

Today's show was amazing, with the return of JimmyT49 Dukes. He'd been taking a short break from SL, feels much better, and he's very excited to get back to doing what he loves to do and that is play live for you!

The entertainment for the day started with the great Hogan Baily who did a fine set, as he ALWAYS does. Hogan is a consummate performer and incredible singer, not to mention the energy level of his shows will keep you up and vibrating for a week! It always seems like I'm panting like a dog in August when he is done :))

Hogan left to a full house and a huge round of applause and Jimmy took the stage and thanked him and all of us for coming out Humble man that he is, he related how much he really misses his Second Life when he can't get in here for whatever reasons. He then took control of the night and slid right into a screaming rendition of "The Sky Is Cryin" by Stevie Ray Vaughan... and those familiar notes and style sounded soooooo VERY SWEET! When he exploded with the vocals it became evident to me that his time off was well worth the wait.

One thing about Jimmy is he does NOT disappoint... EVER...

Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" done in the SRV style was next and one word describes it best: "WOW!" As the echoes of that one were dying away, Jimmy began picking precisely and perfectly into a great presentation of "Tin Pan Alley" (one of my personal favorites). The way he takes that song from nothing to full blown, knock your socks off, slam it out with no mercy Blues-Epic just gives me the shivers up and down my spine!

After that treat, Jimmy took a moment to regroup and to let us know the next one, "Outlaws and Outsiders," is a new tune and it would be the first time he had played it in public. I sure hope it's not the last time! It's definitely a keeper and Jimmy's rendition hit me like the first time I heard him do Marc Broussard's "Home" on May 7, 2021.

I had to go back to my blogs and look at what I wrote then and I found that he brought forth the same feelings and excitement during this show that were there that first time. I also noticed that the set lists were similar as well. While you are here, check out that blog too :)

And if you are ever in the mood for some Jimmy and he isn't playing live, you can always boogie on over to his website to freshen up your memories and get what you need:

Downloads are available there too!

Next up was "Tennessee Whiskey" as done by Chris Stapleton and Jimmy gave it as good as it gets, and kept it up through a perfect version of "Make It Rain", as done by Ed Sheeran...

JImmy's vocals are great today... and Brett Young's "In Case You Didn't Know" was well suited to his range before he got us back into the "heavy stuff" and pounded through "Bridge of Sighs" by Robin Trower.

He capped it all with one of the best renditions I've ever heard of Simon & Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" as presented by Disturbed... Jimmy asked for some help singing this one... not required... as I said, he sang it the best I have ever heard him do it. I was totally blown away by that first set I heard back in May of 2021, and this was better than that.

All I can say is SEE THIS GUY! In my humble opinion, JimmyT49 Dukes is the BEST it gets in SL for live music! And on a personal note: I can say without reservation that he is a true gentleman, a man of his word, and one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Thanks for another GREAT SET Jimmy!

*With Special Thanks also to more great folks; Temptation Falls' wonderful

Ms browneyes Magic and the unflappable Mr. Gib Dix for all they do for Live Music in SL*

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