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Kendall Jigsaw at No Name Beach Club, 03/09/2021

I received a notice today that Kendall Jigsaw was going to do a set at No Name Beach Club. I had never been at the venue and was thinking that it has been awhile since I did a blog on Kendall as an individual artist, so I got my stuff together and off I went.

I got to No Name Beach Club, owned by sAtChErOoNiE (JoeSatriani Feden) and .ҳҨҳƸ̵̡ʅʅƷҳҨҳ. (ellejae Zelin), with a few minutes to spare so I had a chance to look around and was impressed by this relatively new club. There's a huge stage that should easily satisfy most artist configurations and personnel requirements. It has a big dance floor with plenty of room for a good crowd, and the dance intan provides a great selection of dances in the Couples section and also has lots of M/F singles dances. The venue has that feel of a summer carnival... and also has a well stocked bar, great for those long weekend beach parties.

I settled into my spot as Kendall took the stage and, after complimenting the previous player, he launched right into one of his signature tunes, Joe Satriani's "Flying in a Blue Dream". He continued through the first part of his set with his "love songs" including "Living Dead Girl" as done by Rob Zombie and the 5 Finger Death Punch version of "Blue on Black".

He continued the set with an original Kendall Jigsaw composition called "Long Tall Man in Black" that I just love. It gives Kendall a chance to show his chops with a nice lead solo break toward the end where he can do that neck- jockey-speedball stuff he's soooo good at. Kendall amazes me at every show I attend with the way he progresses and gets better by the day. He has improved so much since that first time I blogged him back in March, and his speed still makes my chin drop and sends me away shaking my head over how he can do that. Incredible! Kendall just does such a great job of what he does that even if you are not a real fan of the heavier side of the blues you come away with a smile on your face, sweat on your brow and a bounce in your step. He can also turn it all around and hit you with a tender tune like "Gravity" by John Mayer and have you cuddle-dancing with your sweetheart, and creating your own special memories of his performance.

At the end of his sets he tends to come full circle and today was no exception as he gave us his great rendition of "Fool For Your Stockings" by ZZ Top, in his excellent and unique take on the Blues. I always LOVE to hear Kendall play and he always seems to have something new that keeps him fresh and exciting. He keeps his sets fun and the "ender" for today accentuates his support for the legalization of cannabis as well as gives me a chuckle or two... Just "Smoke Two Joints" (by Sublime) and send your worries and cares a-packin'!


And if you want to check out just a few of his tunes check his soundcloud at

Please Remember: Make sure you tip the venues you go to for great music like this. We, the patrons, are the only source of income for the owners to pay the bills and keep the lights on and they, in turn, support the artists we love so much. Every little bit helps. IT'S HIP to TIP!

Here is the LM for No Name Beach Club. Slip by and check it out!

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