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Kendall Jigsaw @ Swamp Water Blues - 27/03/21 - REPOSTED in its' Entirety

Saturday found me excited about a performer I had not heard before and that I would be making another visit to The Swamp Water Blues Club to enjoy the hospitality of the Owners, MIna and Queen and the music of a young fellow named Kendall Jigsaw. Write that down because you WILL want to see this guy in the flesh. He's a singer with a raw style and a player that is right up there with some of the more seasoned vets of the SL live music scene.

The place was PACKED, which is saying something, as Swamp Water has a huge dance floor and the perfect venue for a draw like Kendall, and at precisely 8pm, he got us all going when he broke into a

raw-whiskey-cigarette vocal groove and teased us with great riffs on a cover of "Outside This Town" originally done by Christone Kingfish Ingram. Kendall was fast and limber on those lead breaks and when he finished to a rowdy applause-filled house, he roared, "I'm not done yet!" and slid deep into "Still Got The Blues" a faithful cover of a Gary Moore offering which had me believing that Kendall was channeling Mr. Moore with his amazing sound and tone so much like the original I am pretty sure I was drooling.

Next up was Blue Jean Blues from that little Ol' band from Texas, ZZ Top. He stays true to the originals he covers and this was the REAL stuff alright! Absolutely GREAT cover Kendall!

Song after song Kendall never ceased to amaze and satisfy and when Harlow joined me a little way into the set, she was full of praise and as amazed as I was. I could tell when she smiled as Sugarpie (an excited patron) exclaimed, "He's going to set this place on fire and I for one will go down with the club just to hear every last lick!!"

I had to agree when he ripped into another ZZ classic (or two?), "Waitin' On The Bus/Jesus Just Left For Chicago" (I have never heard the two split either Kendall), Red House in Hendrix Style so true he had me looking around again, and even some AC/DC, Kendall plays hot and wild and true to each style and content, just like the tracks you are used to. He even covered Beth Hart with Fire on the Floor, but I will say that I do like Beth's vocal just a smidge more.

Kendall Jigsaw finished the night with Joe Satriani's "Flyin' In a Blue Dream" and left me in a daze that took a moment or two to recover from.


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