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Mavenn @ Blues Cove - 27/7/2021

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Today was a bit different for me. I really had no plans and I had been following a group's notices for something interesting, and after awhile I saw something that caught my eye, about the same time as Roxie logged in. I tp'd over to a venue called Blues Cove owned by Aqua Willowind, and confirmed that a lady named Mavenn was going to be singing . I sent Roxie an LM to tp on over.

The way Mavenn took control of the stage for the first offering, Beth Hart's "Caught Out In The Rain," and let that tune slide out slow and sultry that was true to Ms. Hart, but with Mavenn's own twist to it. It grabbed my attention right away. Her voice is strong and clear and she is quite relaxed and natural in her delivery. LIke any great singer her voice seems to come from her soul and as should be for a Blues singer, it seems to come right from her toes. Regardless of the artist she covers, Mavenn makes the tune her own.

Her friends, occasional "guitar player", Camporum, and the rezz-day girl Boom Boom Karrie

were lots of fun and danced on stage with her for Mavenn's Rock, Blues, Soul, R&B or Country repetoire, and a large repetoire it is!

After their introductions, Mavenn began "Give Me One Reason" from Tracy Chapman, and I was impressed with vocal range, lovely pitch and the raw power she brings to her interpretation. Before that last note faded she shifted into John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom Boom Boom" and I was hooked. She got my feet moving with her phrasing and tempo and it became a serious Blues set to me from that point onward, as we were informed she was going to follow the "Boom Boom" theme for the next few tunes. They worked easily through Beth Hart's "Bang Bang Boom Boom", Imelda May's "Johnny Got A BoomBoom"and then threw some rockin' country our way with Kenny Wayne Shepherd's "Somehow, Somewhere, Someway", and nailed it!

I loved this set and I was groovin' right along through the final songs; "Gypsy" from Shakira, Tush from ZZ Top and her finale, "Bed of Roses" by Bon Jovi.

Mavenn is a sassy, classy, bluesey, rocker that can make almost anything hers by putting her own spin on it. To me, whatever genre she pulls it from ends up a respectful nod to the Blues. And that makes me a Happy Blogger indeed!


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