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Mavenn @ Swamp Water Bluz - 15/10/2021

In Mavenn's Profile she says:

"I see things differently. I feel too much and think too much. I follow my heart and I can't quiet my mind.

I am unceasingly curious. I will always search, always question, and struggle to find the meaning in everything.

I have an earnest passion for everything life has to offer. I am often misunderstood, and I have come to be okay with that.

I am a fantasist who always wants what's best for everyone just looking for ways to achieve it.

It's complicated. I'm complicated."

I did not know about Mavenn until I saw her, purely by chance, at another venue back in July. As I listened to her first song back then I decided there was something very special going on and I got myself a notecard going, snapped a couple of pics of the stage and the venue, and immediately started taking notes for my first blog of Mavenn. I have wanted to do another blog of her ever since then, and tonight was my chance. She was doing a set at one of my favorite places in SL, Swamp Water Bluz. She was sandwiched between a couple of the best Guitar Heros that SL live music has to offer: JimmyT49 Dukes and Da Bluez Preacher.

You would think that this Canadian lady might be a little intimidated by this esteemed company but she can hold her own, and "the boys" seemed just as excited as I was; Jimmy was staying after his set to catch hers and Da Preacher showed up early to enjoy the powerhouse vocals of an artist who has been known in SL for about 10 years. This second time I have experienced her amazing voice I was as impressed as I was the first time.

She stepped up to the mic as if she owned the place and started with Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason." It was a powerful and seductive delivery... relaxed... confident... clear as a bell. I got goosebumps right away. So. Damn. Good!

As she worked through her set, taking on Beth Hart's "Bad Woman Blues" and then into an old classic "Rollin' and Tumblin'" she made every tune all her own and her rich, smooth vocal style energized the house, intonation and dynamics, perfect, and always in complete control. It does not get much better than this!

She executed a great rendition of "Roadhouse Blues", belting it out like she was the Lizard King's Queen! Roxie was smiling and I was grinning like a loon by the time Mavenn had plowed through "Ride On" and into another Beth Hart piece, "Caught Out In The Rain". Then on to "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams before she fired up the last number of the evening, "BoomBoomBoomBoom" She proceeded through a mean, bad-ass take on that John Lee Hooker classic for a perfect ending to a great set. Mavenn takes no prisoners and pounds out her repertoire like she was born to do nothing but this.

As the echoes of her incredible voice died away, I went back to her profile and read her "Thank You"... and I say back to her, you are most welcome Mavenn and Thank YOU for your blessed voice and being so generous to share it with us today!




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