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Noma Falta at Pemberley - 27/04/2022

Noma Falta was the fourth blog I ever did - on April 3, 2021, and she is a powerful, passionate performer, an incredibly talented vocalist, bass player, and guitar player and one of SL's finest, top-tier musicians who has been at it in SL for over 14 years.

She covers the genres of Blues, Rock, Soul, Pop, and Jazz.

It was the day before Noma's 15th Rezz day and I got a notice that she would be doing a show to celebrate, so thought I would go by and see what's up. She was at a venue called Pemberley.

Its Owner, Jude Mortensen has this to say about the place:

It is Pemberley, but not of old, time has passed, and the land has grown wild, and yet the magic lives on at Pemberley. Host to live music and open to the public to explore.

Landscaper and scenographer: Terry Fotherington

I got there with some time to spare and got myself settled and ready to blog. I could feel the anticipation, and it had been awhile since I had seen Noma do what she does. The place filled up quickly. There was banter and laughter and then Noma took the stage and control of the afternoon. And it began:

ZZ Top's "I Need You Tonight" was the first offering. Noma is an incredible bass and guitar player and her vocals certainly reflect the fact she has been singing and playing in SL for over 14 years... Hard to believe! She doesnt look a day over ?? (a gent never asks and NEVER tells) ;)

This was a great opener!

When she slid into a great slow tune, Delbert McClinton's "You Were Never Mine" she had me eating out of her hand! Noma is such a pleasure to watch and listen to... an accomplished performer that can take a tune... by anyone... and make you forget where it came from and turn it into her very own. I have never heard anything she does where it isn't a perfect fit for her.

When she tore into Beth Hart's "I'll Take Care of You" and with no disrespect to Ms Hart... but Noma OWNS this one... her vocals are bang on... she is a powerful singer, full of feeling, and not a glitch or a fault anywhere... the guitar solo was a perfect fit... and she belted out vocals like a "90 year old smoker!!" Noma has an incredible vocal range, and I think she has THE BEST voice in SL. Simply amazing!

She stayed with Beth Hart for "Love is a Lie" another incredible vocal over her perfect back track and some damn good guitar work.

Next up was The Allman Brothers' Band "One Way Out" from the Eat a Peach album, an old fave of mine, and one I love on original vinyl... The track is perfect, and as I said, Noma makes everything she does, hers... its her vocals and her playing of course, but when she sings a tune she nails it... every. time. And she does it effortlessly and with feeling that is hard to match.

I can say that blogging someone as good as Noma is very easy to do, although it gets tough when you run out of ways to declare her absolute MASTERY of her CRAFT! For it is HER CRAFT and her attitude of nothing less than perfection that drives her sets. I cannot say it enough: This Lady can do it like few others... and the "IT" she can do is called The Blues! I am getting goosebumps again just thinking about her presentation at this concert, and the feeling she left with us. Incredible!

Then she really got into it, with "I'd Rather Be Blind by Beth Hart... and again... she makes it easy to blog as she just generates the highest praise I can think of ... there are a few out there that are close, maybe a couple that are close to equal... but Noma is truly the QUEEN of the Blues in SL and is an incredible performer in any life... and the "90 years of smoking" doesn't seem to have affected her even one little bit (...these smoking references I mention were part of banter prior to the show. Noma's sets are also a hoot and a giggle and a great time was had by all... as always!)

The guitar solo in this one is awesome and the tune takes us to the heights of her vocal power and had my chin on my chest in full gape... "My WORD NOMA! WELL DONE!"

"All Your Love" off John Mayall's Bluesbreakers album "With Eric Clapton" was next and blew me away. then into Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band's "Somehow, Somewhere, Someway"... I have heard Noma do this one A LOT and I love her rendition!

Roxie and I decided today that Noma NEEDS to be famous and appreciated by legions of fans in RL n addition to SL. This song and the previous one are great examples why we say that... she is simply amazing! A professional to the core. Every vocal comes from her toes... and every phrase she plays is perfect. if she makes mistakes I cant hear them... I had not seen Noma for awhile, but that is going to change right now.... :)) Everyone should get out and see what I mean... Noma is AWESOME!

Last tune: Gary Moore, "I Still Got the Blues for You" and she nailed it... all of it... the entire set was not to be missed... and I feel sorry for any mortal who did not see it...

OMG NOMA! That was the best thing I have seen for a LONG while! Thank You So Much!


(Also: Check out my blog from August 2001 on an AMAZING event that Noma put together :)

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