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Noma & Virgil - Full Hour @ Blues Cove - 17/10/2021

Lots of Practice and lots of "dual-stream mini-sets" during the last three months or so made for a perfect set this afternoon at Blues Cove. The house was packed for a one hour long, dual-stream event from the recently partnered Noma Falta and Virgil Flowers

*(CONGRATS! to you

both from Roxie and I)*

Those of you that have not caught a dual-stream mini-set from Noma and Virgil are missing out! These two compliment each other so well. Virgil is a Guitar God, He continues to improve each time I see him. And Noma... well Noma is Noma and she is THE Queen of Blues/Rock in SL, no doubt about it. She also plays a mean bass and is no slouch in the Guitar department either. They share vocal duties as suits their range and every time I have seen them has been a joy.

I was a tad late due to full-house-blues but was able to TP in after a few minutes of "TP... TP.... TP... TP>.. yay!" I THINK they were into "Tearing Us Apart" as done by Tina Turner & Eric Clapton when my feet hit the ground, As I gathered my wits about me, along with my trusty camera and notepad, the first full tune I caught was "Died in Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew. Noma is a great vocalist and I love her voice and vocal style. Her intonation and dynamics are always right on the money and Man! can she wail!

A short break for some welcomes and thank yous and some sorting out and right into Rock Steady as done by Bryan Adams & Bonnie Raitt, staying true to the original. *Virgil does a great interpretation of Bryan Adams' signature guitar style in this one.

At Half Time the house was at capacity again with 42 lucky folks packed in nicely, with a bit of room to wiggle and strut... and it was on into some Pretenders with "Middle of The Road". Noma does such a great job of Chrissie Hynde's vocals, and as she does that thang, her bass riffs are flawless. Virgil's guitar skills are right up there with the best in SL and when he is in his groove, it is effortless and you can feel it when he reaches deep and shares his soulful sound with us.

The Halloween spirit was in the air and Noma and Virgil's costumes were a great bit of fun with Virgil's pink wings and pink sparkled Stratocaster complimenting Noma's interesting succubus outfit. Wings were in abundance today at Blues Cove and it made for a fun time for all.

Bryan Adams & Tina Turner's "It's Only Love" was up next, and Virgil ripped into the opening riffs in full Bryan Adams mode and nailed it all. I don't think anyone can deny that Virgil is consistent excellence on the frets. When they ramped it up into Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa's rendition of "I'll Take Care Of You", it was Noma's turn to step up and show her chops, tapping into her core and pulling up Beth Hart's vocal line with truth and honor to the original. Noma is such a star!

They closed out the hour with "Gimme All Your Lovin'" by ZZ Top, as the confetti canons went off and butterflies and confetti filled the air like coloured snow. The song was perfect to finish off the set. A rocker that is so recognizable, and they do it so true to the original, yet somehow own it... To quote a couple of patrons:

Ms 'A': "Noma and Virgil you rock!!!"

Ms. G: "virgil and noma.. one word...WOW!"

...And Virgil's Strat screamed without mercy.



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