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Temptation Fall"s - Sim Update - 23/09/2021

A new feature I am starting is to let you all know what's happening in/on a venue other than the music end of things. For instance, during the last while it was brought to my attention that Temptation Fall"s adjusts their sim to suit the seasons and usually has something to compliment major holiday themes that we are all familiar with. Being that the 21st of September was the first day of Autumn, I asked Ms browneyes Magic if I could do an article/review, a "venue-blog" if you will, on the extent of the work that She and Gib had been rumoured to be doing to make the sim a "destination" rather than just an entertainment venue. Following is my blog on the Temptation Fall"s sim changes for Fall:

Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year and I think its the changing colours of the leaves, the way that some animals change their colours, and habits and the crisp bite the air has for us in the early mornings. It's also the falling of the leaves and the way it seems that Mother Nature is putting her children to bed for the winter, lovingly bundling them in blankets of leaves.

When you arrive at Temptation Fall"s using the typical LM we all use to attend a function you will find the area's trees in a riot of colours that would give New England a run for their money:

The landscaping has been updated to a full blown Autumn scene with some trees shedding their leaves in great waves, and others just glorious in their reds and golds and still others hanging on to their greens and yellows. The colours of Fall are almost neon in their intensity and I love this display!

I noticed a fox when I landed that was taking a break and watching the leaves with me. It's truly a GORGEOUS transformation! There is lots to see here, so plan to spend some time just standing and looking around or watching for the Mama Bear and her cubs, or the cute white bunnies, deer and that fox I mentioned.

There are also lovely places to sit and contemplate your surroundings, or have a cuddle to take the chill off.... Or find the bull and see how long you can last on his back! I made almost 7 1/2 seconds... Good Luck! lol At posting time the top 3 leaders on the Bull Board were:

#1 - Sugarpie Froobert - 146.259995 secs.

#2 - Cady Low - 112.959999 secs.

#3 - Gib Dix - 85.865997 secs.

I loved the stream and followed a wandering stone path for a little walk. MsB and Gib have spent a substantial amount of time doing some of the best landscaping I have seen in SL, and it is a beautiful place to find some peace in these crazy times we are living through. There's also a dice table for those who like a little distraction. Keep your eyes open to find an entrance to another area where you might want to race a car or see a movie (a few to choose from). You might want to have a seat to meditate under the trees for awhile and stop in the apple orchard where apples are good for pickin'. Did I mention I love apple pie?...

There are also a number of dance intans scattered about so you can have a dance "far from the maddening crowd" and still catch the current set.

There is so much to see and do here you could probably spend an evening or two checking things out and playing games!



And Please!, I don't mean to sound like a "broken record" but if you can dig out a few lindens, make sure you tip these venues you go to for great music and lovely environs. I can't say this enough:

We, the patrons, are the only source of income for the owners to pay the bills and keep the lights on and they, in turn, support the artists we love so much. Every little bit helps. It would sure be a drag if there were none of these wonderful places to go to see our favorite artists do their things.


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