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TinaTurnerTributeConcert@Junity 02/07/2021

Updated: Aug 18

This blog is not for a LIVE music performance, but covers a show I caught today at Junity, the sky venue co-owned by Juve Wheelwright-Wobbit (juve31 Resident), Hobbit Zenfold Staheli (Hobbit Zenfold), and Louisa Camino from JuVa Entertainment & Music Management. The show was labelled as a "Tina Turner Tribute Concert", and appears to be based on a real life performance from Tina Turner's 1985 European tour in support of her album, Private Dancer, (available as the album "Tina: Live In Europe"). I am only including this on my blog page because the show was so well done and it certainly conveyed the feeling of being AT THAT CONCERT. For a few moments this afternoon, Vanila Levee WAS Tina Turner! The recorded sound quality was excellent, the "syncing" of movement and dancing by the actor, Vanila, fairly reproduced Ms. Turner's performance on the video I watched later. This was a show where you had the reproduction of a moment in time that was incredibly special and was an awesome experience in its own right. It was so well done you could forget for a minute that this was NOT the real deal and could find yourself singing along, just as you might at the real concert.

The song list was a great sampling and when Oskar Zalivstok (Oskar Nirvana) took the stage as David Bowie for the finale, a double song duet of "Tonight" and "Let's Dance", I might as well have been there. I was totally taken away and transported to that day and moment. It was a great hour!

Photo above from the Official video of Tina Turner With David Bowie performing Tonight from the album Tina: Live In Europe. Available through the sources listed below:

Buy It Here:



Official Website:

Official YouTube Channel:

List of songs used in the Tribute Concert reviewed here included:

Show Some Respect, What's Love Got To Do With It, Can't Stand The Rain, Better Be Good To Me, Private Dancer, All I Want, Proud Mary, Addicted To Love, Simply The Best,

*Finale Duet With David Bowie: Tonight and Let's Dance*

With Thanks to JuVa Entertainment & Music Management for their incredible venue. It is perfect to host a concert like this. WELL DONE!

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