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Tone Uriza @ Blues Seduction 2021/04/23

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There's a place called Big Daddy's Blues Seduction in an old brick building down by the water that is run by a guy named Tone Uribe aka Tone Uriza, and his significant other, Jezebel Marlin. I had been trying to contact Tone for awhile when I found a note in my inbox from him saying that he had undergone emergency surgery for a bulging disc that had left him paralyzed from the chest down. The surgery had been successful but there was some damage done from which he was trying to recover. In the meantime he was keeping the club open until he could play again.

I am more than happy to report that day finally arrived and when I walked through those graffitti covered front doors my heart began to race as I heard that sweet sound, the real sound of The Blues.

I was early by about 30 minutes and Tone and Jez were prepping for the show but stopped to welcome me warmly. As we made our introductions, I realized that this was not just a club but this place was one of those special places that houses a soul that contributes to the blues, and that plays the blues sincerely and seriously not because they wanna but because they gotta. Tone promised to inform and enlighten me as we progressed through this afternoon session, and when he fired up that first tune and those notes touched my ears and it took off, I knew I was in for a treat of a lifetime.

The slow blues warm-up and solo that filled the space made me weak in the knees and immediately started to satisfy a craving I have had for some time, and when he sang, his whiskey seasoned vocal style was the perfect compliment to the wail of his guitar. I could feel the goosebumps rising as I listened to him go thru that first tune.

The second offering was "I'll Play the Blues for You", as done by Albert King. To be in the presence of Tone was like looking at history and feeling the vibe from all those masters. Just enough solo notes... just right scales and progressions... I loved the dual-note plucking on this one... not a note out of place... After the drought of blues I have had, I got just what MY doctor ordered!

Next up was "My Babe" as done by Tone & his RL band, The Torpedoes. It was a great rendition with a nice harp break and lovely slide passage... This is heaven! An original composition (with the Torpedoes) followed called "Crawfish Etouffee" with a great zydeco accordion break by Tone.

Then was the highlight of the day for me when Tone took us through a Bobby Bland version of T. Bone Walker's "Stormy Monday". I am sure I was smiling with the tears runnin' down my face as this classic filled the air.

So much great music!! Tone really feels each note and you can hear the anguish and pain that IS the blues when he sings.

Through Damn Your Eyes by Etta James, an original, called You Don‘t Love Me, BB King's "Thrill Is Gone" (Tone's fave and mine), a great rendition of The Bad News Blues Band's "You Can Leave Your Hat On", and another highlight: Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" (very special meaning for me) the set was an incredible testament to the blues and very well presented. It ended with another original called "1/2 Full Blues", played with the Torpedoes.

Tone Uriza is an inductee into the Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame and in 2020 his band, Tony & The Torpedoes was inducted as a band.

He is also a long time digital electronics tech since 1979. Tone is equally at home behind a computer as he is behind his guitar, and although a cover artist, Tone also writes, records, publishes, produces, and owns all his original music.


(*Special Thanks to Jezebel Marlin for fact checking and background*)

Tone & The Torpedoes Music:

And make sure you check out my interview with Tone who has been the Featured Artist of the month over at Droppin' The Stream, Harlow Davi's Live Music Blog at:


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