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Virgil Flowers @ Savage Blues 08/04/2021

REPOSTED 13/09/2021:

I originally posted this blog on another site before Bloggin' da Blues existed. I always thought it was a pretty good blog and have meant to put it up here for some time. Today I found out it was Virgil's RL Birthday, so here you are Virgil! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Original blog follows...)

I had contacted Doc Savage awhile ago about doing some blogging over at his club, "Savage Blues". Its a great venue that's helping to keep the Blues alive in SL. I like the good feel about it and that scent and patina in the place that pretty much defines what a blues club should be. Tonight, the stars finally lined right up and I was able to cover singer/guitar player Virgil Flowers' set. It was a very good night.

From the first notes he played as he broke into The Doors' version of "Roadhouse Blues" I knew we were in for a treat. I am a huge Blues fan and I was smiling as I heard Virgil reproduce the backing track almost flawlessly as he channeled the "Lizard King" himself for the vocal track.

When he started his second treat of the night we heard Virgil make Stevie Ray Vaughan's "The Sky Is Cryin" his own. Atlanta Rhythm Section's "Spooky", followed, again with the backing track exactly what you would expect to hear and with vocals that suited his range and made it a unique and satisfying experience.

This guy is a guitar player's guitar player and his riffs are very well executed, chord work is right on the money, and everything he does makes the music HIS. It was hard to find any fault in his presentation of any tune in the set.

He pounded through "Hard to Handle" by The Black Crowes, drifting into some of the best played, legendary slow blues I have heard in awhile, when he tackled Gary Moore's "Midnight Blues" and then tore it up again with SRV's "Pride and Joy". The set continued through a very respectable version of Jonny Lang's "Lie To Me", and Bonamassa's "Sloe Gin" had my head snapping around like a character in a cartoon.

Two of my favorites made up the finale: "Another Kind of Love" by John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (with Peter Green) and "Still Got The Blues For You", the best of Gary Moore, (InMyHumbleOpinion).

If you are into the Blues, you really can't go wrong selecting a set from Virgil Flowers. He can get it done and leave you smiling. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Savage Blues tonight!


And A Special Thank You to Doc Savage at Savage Blues!

Get on over to Savage Blues and see what Doc's up to!


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