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Acidloop Exonar @ Terry's Place - 11 FEB 2022

Terry's Place is a great open air venue where it's always summer... It features "canned" music, Live DJ's, Open Mic Nights and Live Artists providing entertainment sets singly or in various combinations.

Owner Ninja (ninjaantwoord Resident) is a great guy with a friendly, warm welcome for all. It's definitely a place that has a "good feel" about it. All you need to do is get over there and check it out.

Today I had received a notice that Acidicloop Exonar would be playing one of his first sets in SL and, having heard a bit of what he has to offer, I jumped at the chance to get over there myself and check it out.

Acidicloop Exonar, is a live-looping musician and the brainchild of Ray Confer. He improvises his jams using a technique called live looping. Acidic fuses Funk, Soul, Jazz, Electronica and Rock, into something new, exciting and different, where he layers his instruments and other "samples", and, in doing so, assembles various "loops" together. This is all LIVE Acidicloop, all the time!

He started the set to a small, but enthusiastic crowd, with "Superstition". As he layered it up with the live loops... he explained what he was doing, and it really is nothing short of amazing. He was coming at us funky and hot. and making me move in my seat with my toes tapping as soon as the familiar notes hit my ears. The method of looping varies, but the snare drum rhythm was the basis of this track, followed by a funky bass riff, and then he plays the main riff of the song live with which we are all familiar. This is not looped and it provides flexibility during chord changes and lead breaks, the same as playing with an full band. When he starts to sing, it sounds just like a band is doing the tune. Then "Wilma", his guitar, gets a nice little work out, with some vocal breaks from Acidic as the song warrants. Great Stuff!

Next up he got into the "Theme From James Bond... It really is amazing how well the looping works for that. Acidic can use anything he can play to lay down the track. It's a departure from what most artists in SL do, as there is no "backing track," as such. Its all done live... put together as you listen and then looped and layered. It's really a cool thing.

VooDoo Chile is like it was MADE for this looping stuff and Acidic can put it together just right, and a little looping goes a long way! This was a great rendition of what is probably my favorite Hendrix track, and it's one of the roots that brought me to where I am in the Blues today. I loved this one.

After a short break to bring some awareness of the venues and people that are essential to the Live Music scene in SL, it was right into my request of "In the Air Tonight", the Phil Collins/Genesis track I caught on his website earlier. It seems Acidic can sing harmonies with himself too! He built it up slowly through-out the tune until it peaked in volume, tempo and intensity for the final chorus. Then slowing... with it all just disappearing.... into nothing... Well Done!

The "Funk-itis" offering, "No Diggety, No Doubt," was up next, and before we knew it, Acidic started some new layering... a little snare... some guitar ... those Iconic chords just stealin' the show... a wee bit of bass.... and some screamin' vocals.... (you might call it a "Layering of Love") A Whole LOTTA Love! came crashing into our eardrums and pounding against our bodies as Acidic brought forth a great rendition of this timeless classic.

Acidic even gave us a loopy layering of some U2: "With or Without You"... guitar... some vocals (his vocals are always very good, always in key and he's blessed with a good range and a lot of power in his delivery). This was a great track and it was followed with a down-tempo mix of Chris Isaac's "I Want To Fall In Love" with a closing treat called "Shimmer"... an original instrumental piece and a lovely tune. It can be downloaded or streamed from his website:



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