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AM Quar @ Zack's Roadhouse - 14/08/2021

Zack's Roadhouse is a great place to hang out, and I seem to be here quite a bit these days. Bran and Edmond are always welcoming and friendly and the place just FEELS good! This evening I was about to have the pleasure of catching an AM Quar set.

AM Quar is Andre Massicotte on Guitar

and vocals

Petronella Piers on Keytar

KimSuyin Resident on Bass and

Skylar Starstrider on Percussion

This lineup has been together for 10 years and I will say that they are a tight and confident quartet full of real people. AM is from Laval Quebec and the rest are from various points in the USA. They all come together by stream to play at various venues throughout the grid.

I was running a bit late getting to Zack's and AM Quar were underway doing a great rendition of 'Riders On The Storm' by the Doors... I was already impressed.

First complete tune I caught was Keb Mo's "I Remember You". I love Keb Mo so I was further impressed, and then they started into a New Orleans Jazz version of Statesboro Blues, very different than what I am used to, but it was "perfect blues", very well done and I was incredibly impressed and pretty much blown away with what they do with this tune.

Next up was Jace Everett's "I Wanna Do Bad Things With You", a great presentation with just enough "AM" thrown on top to make it their own. I have no idea why I had not heard much of this outfit before a couple of weeks ago because I just love their stuff!

Then we were treated to The Black Keys' "Do The Romp". Its a great blues riff and AM did some fine guitar work here.

"I'm Goin' Down" was an interesting take on an old standard, making it a great toe-tapper. AM can really rock it when he lets loose and he's a great slide player too!

As the band pounded through Mojo Boogie as done by Johnny Winter and into BB King's "The Thrill Is Gone" I was most impressed with how they can take a song you might have heard 1000 times and bring fresh life to it and make every one their own. It's all the Blues, but its got a unique spin on it that gives your ears a treat. This is exactly what the Blues is all about: to understand and then present what has gone before and take it to the next level. AM Quar is a master at it!

SRV's "The House Is Rockin'" just tore this house down and I was 'chair dancing' in front of my screen and kept on rockin' through an excellent rendition of "Legs" by ZZ Top.

As I was panting to catch my breath the set ended with Keb Mo's "This Is My Home" and was so well done it touched me deeply. The song was tender and respectful and true to the original but, again, with the influence of the artists' varied backgrounds. I loved it!

Thank You AM Quar for a great set and thoughts to ponder.

Get out and SEE this group! They bring it on home!

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