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JimmyT49 Dukes @ Swamp Water Blues - 07/05/21 - RePosted - 25/09/2021

JimmyT49 Dukes @ Swamp Water Blues 07/05/21 - with minor edits 25/09/2021

I wanted to write an intro on Jase's blog for JimmyT Duke as I have been a long time fan and was saddened to hear he had left SL and was equally as excited when I heard he was back and playing at Swamp Water Blues, which is rapidly becoming the place to be for live blues music in SL. Now Jase lives and breathes the blues so he was thrilled for the blogging opportunity, but It wasn't until the show was over and I grabbed a beer went outside into the sunshine and pulled up an article that Chant Lyric wrote on Jimmy for Focus Magazine that I knew I couldn't write an intro. As I sat there reading tears rolled down my cheeks at the article Chant had produced and the raw honesty in which Jimmy spoke of his life. I messaged Jase on skype, tears still forming in my eyes and told him no matter what, we need to do this man proud. So I now hand over the reins to Jase to do what he does the blues..

(Side note : Chant Lyric was more than happy to let me include the link to her interview with JimmyT. You will find it at the bottom of this blog. A truly inspirational read.)

- Harlow Davi, 07/05/2021

The blues has a language all of its own. It has such a slinky, sexy, sensual vibe that speaks to your soul like no other music can and under the balmy, starry night at Swamp Water Blues you could feel the electricity in the air as the venue filled up with people there for one reason....the word had got around that JimmyT49 Dukes was back and was gonna play the blues tonight.

It began almost imperceptibly, in the background, started to swell into a raw, modern blues rhythmic experience that grabs you by the feet and drags you to the dance floor, assaulting your senses like a breathing entity of sound. The opening number played by Jimmy elicited a raucous Welcome Back through-out the large, audience that had gathered during the length of the piece.

That's the way it started. He was just up there and it slowly came and when it broke it was like a fucking tidal wave!

A short break after for consideration of a request and the wave rolled in again. Pat Travers' "Snortin' Whiskey & Drinkin' Cocaine" tore up the night and I swear I could see those stars trembling with the tone of Jimmy's guitar slamming all in attendance with great chord work and unbelievably smooth and speedy lead breaks. I don't think that we could actually SEE his fingers anymore, but he obviously hit every note as they flew across the neck because all I heard were gasps and all I saw were smiles of approval, or wide-eyed disbelief of an audience totally engrossed in this amazing event.

And then he really got into it: Unmistakable Texas Blues with the screaming guitar intro of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "The Sky Is Crying"... and my tears rolled down the street. This song has a special significance of memories of a dear friend passed, and Jimmy's rendition brought forth the joy and the sorrow of all those memories as only music can.

A slower, Love Ballad followed to give us all a chance to recover somewhat, but still, the perfectly played notes never missed, and when Jimmy transitioned into a funky jive "Take Me Home" (title my own), that hard-and-heavy-smack-ya-upside-of-the-head-stuff just took you by the scruff of the neck and gave you a good shake!

I have said before that an artist is the best I have ever seen in SL, and I likely will again, as it is a fluid position to occupy, but JimmyT49 Dukes is one of the VERY best player/singers I have EVER seen, period, SL or RL. This guy can stand up against any guitar player of any era that I know of.

The chords of Tennessee Whiskey were choking me up as we danced to what I consider "the best version" and the one that Jimmy made his own tonight. The music stirred thoughts and memories as only music can and this song opened my heart wide.

And from tender love song to Texas blues style for "I fell in Love in Half an Hour" and a "rousing, hard-rock- kickass-dont-come-here-if-you-cant-handle-the-heat- baby!" experience it was! A fun tune that slid into Jimmy's dark version of Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel) complete with mellotron and sung like the vocals were ripped from his soul. "Gravity" brought squeals of delight from some people around me: "....I wish he would just keep on singing!!..."

After a short breather and enlightenment on his next number, we were treated to Jimmy's take of Joe Bonamassa's "The Ballad of John Henry" with a warning from Jimmy: "It's gonna be HEAVY y'all!" and it was... yes, yes, indeedy it was... YEAH!!!

My gawd! he never stops... its a relentless assault on the senses.... and Jimmy continued into "overtime" for a few more. A truly memorable Friday night, and a real EVENT!


Ꜧạŕľøŵ: such a great hour, I need more beer

Jase: damn I am goosebumping like mad and its tingling up the back of my head from my shoulders... or maybe that's the hash... lol

Ꜧạŕľøŵ: bahahahahha choked on my beer

Please take a moment to read the article from FOCUS Magazine, written by Chant Lyric

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