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Kendall Jigsaw - A Tribute - 03/12/2021

A Tribute to Kendall - 3 December, 2021

Kendall Jigsaw was a true Artist. He practiced his skills every day and he was very good at what he did. And what he did was was to be a Good Man.

He was the kind of Man that others aspire to be. He was smart, and funny, and kind. He had wild hair in the morning, and took great pleasure in showing it to all his Facebook friends. He had a great smile that made you feel his warmth. He was humble and a gentleman, and I was blessed to call him Friend. He will be sorely missed.

Kendall wrote songs. And he played his songs and others' songs on his guitars with a virtuosity that his peers found amazing. We fans, who heard him sing and play, knew that he was truly blessed with his artistry and we supported him whenever we could. He was a STAR!

It was obvious that Kendall loved his Real Princess Jeni. When he started to mention her awhile back, one could "hear" his eyes light up when he talked about her. My heart goes out to her and his family, RL and SL, and to all of you that have had a special moment that was Kendall.

Back in July of this year, a couple of days after the Noma and Friends Show, I sent him an IM asking about some detail in the show as I was writing my blog for that event. He graciously replied and we ended up talking for over an hour. He told me about where he came from and his band in the "early days". He taught me a lot about life during that conversation, and I would like to share just a little of what he said, because he nailed it, just like he did with every song he played. It was pure Kendall:


[15:52] Kendall Jigsaw: the band ending was rough

[15:52] Kendall Jigsaw: not cordial

[15:52] Jason Levane: ahhh well then best you moved on

[15:52] Kendall Jigsaw: yeah

[15:52] Kendall Jigsaw: i became an animator

[15:52] Kendall Jigsaw: then taught college

[15:53] Kendall Jigsaw: then got bored

[15:53] Kendall Jigsaw: .. i missed the challenge of.. seeing some guitar thing and thinking.. "can i play that?"

[15:54] Kendall Jigsaw: i have not found my ceiling yet

[15:54] Kendall Jigsaw: i am poking round for it

[15:54] Kendall Jigsaw: .. i think I am maybe just a conduit

[15:54] Jason Levane: its just a little higher...

[15:54] Jason Levane: and come back next week and it will be a little higher yet...

[15:54] Kendall Jigsaw: grins

[15:54] Kendall Jigsaw: its like

[15:55] Kendall Jigsaw: steps on a ladder

[15:55] Kendall Jigsaw: each one harder to attain

[15:55] Kendall Jigsaw: and there are many many many steps

[15:55] Jason Levane: esp close to the top

[15:55] Kendall Jigsaw: yes

[15:55] Jason Levane: :))

[15:55] Kendall Jigsaw: its hard to grow now

[15:55] Jason Levane: good analogy

[15:55] Kendall Jigsaw: im blessed that I still am, and tbh SL has helped me immensely

[15:55] Jason Levane: you still have lots to share my friend

[15:56] Kendall Jigsaw: I do

[15:56] Kendall Jigsaw: one show at a time, one day at a time

[15:56] Jason Levane: smiles

[15:56] Jason Levane: perfect

[15:56] Kendall Jigsaw: tomorrow isnt guaranteed

[15:56] Kendall Jigsaw: so..

[15:57] Kendall Jigsaw: I live each day.. I am blessed TODAY

[15:57] Jason Levane: awesome...

[15:57] Jason Levane: one at a time

[15:58] Kendall Jigsaw: indeed

[15:59] Kendall Jigsaw: grins

[15:59] Kendall Jigsaw: all groovy

[15:59] Kendall Jigsaw: I am me all the time

[15:59] Jason Levane: yes you are and I couldnt have met a nicer gent anywhere

[15:59] Jason Levane: and everybody I talk to will say the same thing

[16:00] Kendall Jigsaw: ah

[16:00] Kendall Jigsaw: then I am truly blessed and humbled my friend

[16:32] Jason Levane: You are an amazing guy Kendall... thank you for all this... smiles... I Have learned a lot about you today and I am impressed and humbled you would share...

[16:32] Kendall Jigsaw: most welcome brother!

[16:32] Jason Levane: :))

[16:33] Kendall Jigsaw: I am all about the music man and getting better at my guitar craft

[16:33] Jason Levane: yes you are

[16:33] Kendall Jigsaw: TY man

[16:33] Kendall Jigsaw: Im off!

[16:33] Kendall Jigsaw: have a great evening!

[16:33] Kendall Jigsaw: :)

KENDALL, at Swamp Water Bluz 27/03/2021, first time I saw him. He, of course, nailed it!

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