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Kendall Jigsaw & Princess Jeni @ Swamp Water Bluz - 30/09/2021

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Mina called and let me know that Kendall Jigsaw and Princess Jeni were going to be at Swamp Water Blues to kick off their Halloween festivities and with a request for costumes at all their live shows for the month of October. The spooky decorations are all in place and along with the Celebration of Fall decor put up last week, the place looks great! But... that clown... *shivers!*

*Please don't forget that Swamp Water is part of the TAO Halloween 2021 Festival, supporting KIKA beginning at Swamp Water on Oct 1, so watch for the notices!*

Today, Sept. 30, Kendall started off with a comprehensive "Hello" to all present and then got right to it... doing a lovely job of picking as Jeni effortlessly sang Stevie Nicks in a great rendition of "Landslide" as done originally by the "Buckingham Nicks Lineup" of Fleetwood Mac.

After a short break for a few more hellos and shout outs this duet slipped right back into more Stevie Nicks vocal stylings with "Dreams." Jeni has got the sound and the style down pat and she does the tune very well, singing with confidence, great dynamics and pitch.

"Outside This Town" is a great tune that Kendall adopted for his own, and I think has been part of his repertoire since that first time I blogged him at Swamp Water Blues' previous incarnation back on March 27, 2021. I was green as they come and Kendall was already fast becoming a seasoned performer. He has become better at every show I have caught during his rise to "artiste". Now he is one of the premier entertainers in SL and I have my own blog, and Jeni is a great addition to Kendall's sets. I always liked this one from Kendall... its a good showing of his virtuosity and its really just an all round great tune!

Wooooo Hoooooo!!!... now dey do da bluz!... Kendall teased us with a quick lick and then plays this one like it is the easiest thing to do but "Still got the Blues" is anything but easy to play. He nailed it and went further doing one of HIS favorites, "Blue Jean Blues." He always does such a good job of this one and his playing is amazing, of course.

Tennessee Whiskey was next, with Jeni taking the vocals over Kendall's claims that he can't sing it "very well," although I think that, with some ragged edges "ala Kendall Jigsaw," it's always been a fine offering too. But with Jeni on the vocals, they do a very nice job of making it their own, and doing those vocals justice.

"Home" was next and they killed it. I love this one! Its got the funky rhythm and its another great lick that I have loved since I first heard it.

During the short break and set up for this next one, Kendall said that he has a better Butt than Beth Hart... I disagree, Kendall! lol!

When they start into Beth Hart's, "Fire on the Floor," with Jeni picking up the vocals, it didn't matter whose butt was better, it just came down to Jeni belting it out like she wrote it and, I can't say it enough, these two make a great musical team! They are wonderful people that I am happy to call my friends and she does a very respectable job of covering one of Ms. Hart's best offerings. It was the highlight of this set for me.

Always a great offering from Kendall, Gravity closed out the show and I was smiling and very pleased to have been able to add this blog to my list, because this is a pair you should not miss in your travels around the grid.




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